Gaza baby ‘only knew how to smile’ Moving report by the BBC correspondent in Gaza, Jon Donnison, on the death of his colleague’s baby son. On the BBC News website, 26th Nov 2012.

In reply to Sue’s e-mail, “I hope the ceasefire is holding??” Do look at the conditions … Great opportunity for us to press for free movement of Palestinian academics and students. Big hugs as always in solidarity … K

Mads was one of the doctors who went to help at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza in 2008/2009. He is there now helping again. This post was sent the day before the ceasefire. It is translated from Norwegian (I have the original text if anyone wants it). Midnight has passed but still no peace. No […]

Haidar Eid, Professor (Tel Al Hawa, Gaza) Quote November 18th “I was supposed to give an interview today at the Shuruk building one of the two buildings that house the media outlets in Gaza. Both were bombed. Apartheid Israel must not get away with its crimes against the innocent civilians of Gaza. What more does […]

Urgently needed Drugs list from the Palestinian Ministry of Health

Gaza hospitals and health workers victims of crimes against humanity

Less than one hour to go !!! Thank Christ Sue … K Later, at 18:16: There will still be lots to go on this Sue. I doubt very much that the drones and so on will stop … I have also just heard something that sounds suspisciously like bombing. I may be getting punch drunk […]