“Information that should go out” – Keith in Gaza Wed, 21 Nov 2012 11:39

Just back from Shifa Hospital: Met Dr Medhat Abbas, mabbas@hoh.gov.ps

It is very important that people become friends on Facebook of Dr Abbas. His facebook is updated sometimes by the hour.

Israel is committing war crimes on a massive scale. The details need putting out and in broad circulation. It is also important that word is got out to any political people we may have contact with …

Here are some details that can be circulated immediately.

1. The number of fatalities includes over 50% non-combatants – women, children and the elderly. They are civilians and could have been identified as non-combatants.

2. Israel has all the necessary technology it needs to be very specific in its violence. This is well known. The fact that they have killed so many non-combatants, so many civilians in their homes shows how indiscriminate the shelling is …

3. Last night was particularly difficult. Whole camps and areas of Gaza City were pounded constantly. Mosques were hit. The worry now with so many families seeking refuge in the UNWRA schools is that one of these schools will be hit and the consequences will be horrendous. Israel is being described by many journalists as simply going crazy with its shelling. Last night it came from all directions. The gun-boat fire was wild.

4. Supermarkets and food storage units are being hit. Ambulances are being shelled. Some of the worst violence has been around the Shifa Hospital. This means most of the cars and buildings being hit are obstructing entry and exit to the hospital.

Dr Abbas is putting stuff out hourly. It needs to be circulated. I have not seen it yet and so do be prepared. Some of the sights here are nasty …




  1. Too many people called Medhat Abbas on FB to be sure which is the one to send a friend request to?

    1. I know Ruth, I can’t find him either. I then tried to e-mail him on the address Keith supplied and my message bounced. It may be that Keith just got the address wrong but it is also possible that Israel is blocking electronic communications from Gaza. I have asked Keith to check. Thanks for taking the time to look at the blog. Sue B

  2. I have now got the corrrect FB link from Keith: http://www.facebook.com/medhat.abbas.10
    His page is mostly in Arabic but the pictures speak for themselves. Warning: there are some VERY graphic photos here of dead and wounded children and adults.

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