Keith in Gaza Tue, 20 Nov 2012 15:20

I am in Gaza and it is not good …

It is very difficult here at the moment. This afternoon I visited a hospital and so many of the children’s wounds are the result of phosphorous sprays. Also as the news develops on a possible truce the bombings have increased. There are circles of drones in the sky as I write. They make these sweeping circles and sound as they get lower and lower and then wham … This is a constant image. Children are totally traumatized. The medical supplies are low and very few people around. It is just dark now and the air attack has started picking up. It is everywhere. The devastation is just about the length and breadth of the strip. It all feels like a bad movie. Coming through the overhead blurs are the call the prayer.

Some major apartment blocks are now being hit. It is everywhere. The noise is unlike anything I have ever heard. It is big and it lasts. Everything shakes. It is one after the other – constant. Nothing could be like this anywhere … A tiny strip of land being hit from the sea, from F-16s with some heavy duty bombs and the drones … all coming one after the other.

There is no slack – wave after wave ….

Will speak again when I can …



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