Keith in Gaza Wed, 21 Nov 2012 06:51

It is difficult to describe the reality of the last 24 hours. It just keeps coming … non stop.

Our hotel which is a very secure structure and extremely safe lost most of its windows last night. We were all gathered in the foyer and the front doors – heavy glass and metal things – were blown off. The windows of my room are allowing in more air than usual !

For 24 hours it was constant. It came at these incredible people from the sea, air and in the north ground shelling. These people know difficult times and they get on with things but last night was tough. I kept looking at the faces of some very hard journalists, and they looked frightened. The shelling from the back of us had these
long series of rapid gun boat fire. But the bombing is the worst. Nothing is heard until your feet shake and lights go out. The bombs are so big you are physically shaken.

Most of Gaza was in total darkness. All this we expected of course. Children expect nothing of the sort. They just want things to resume as they were and to get back to their classes and friends. There will be a lot of those friends missing when they do return to school. Last night the casualties were high. Now well over 130 dead …
Endless injuries and a drone strike hit a car next to Shifa [hospital – SAB] which made things all the more difficult.

Palestine now needs all out support. This cannot go on … It is a wee bit of land and like its people it is hammered, pounded in one episode after another.


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