Keith trying to cross into Gaza at Rafah Mon, 19 Nov 2012 10:14

It is hell here. The Management of War keeps coming to mind …

My IUG ID card which I have saying I work on a project in IUG and is issued by the Ministry in Gaza is counting for nothing. It seems there is this madness at the border about who goes in … Crazy because it is only foreigners that they are being careful with … If you have Palestinian ID then things are OK. So the usual movement of Palestinians into Gaza but no Palestinians with foreign passports. Doctors and so on are held back … and of course there are international journalists being held at Rafah for days.

The really frustrating thing is that all these VIPs are now making the trip into Gaza to show ‘support’ but they take go in with streams of security cars … Rafah is almost closed down as they go in and out. Hideous.

I would go in through my ‘alternative’ route but it is too dangerous right now.

All this is another example of how Gaza is closed off … really nasty since anyone useful going in there to help gets a very difficult time … People have been at the border days.

More later …. K

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