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Mads Gilbert in Gaza 21.11 2012 00:40

Mads was one of the doctors who went to help at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza in 2008/2009. He is there now helping again. This post was sent the day before the ceasefire. It is translated from Norwegian (I have the original text if anyone wants it). Midnight has passed but still no peace. No […]

Mesage from Prof. Haidar Eid – 18th November.

Haidar Eid, Professor (Tel Al Hawa, Gaza) Quote November 18th “I was supposed to give an interview today at the Shuruk building one of the two buildings that house the media outlets in Gaza. Both were bombed. Apartheid Israel must not get away with its crimes against the innocent civilians of Gaza. What more does […]

Drugs and medical equipment urgently needed at Shifa Hospital, Gaza

Urgently needed Drugs list from the Palestinian Ministry of Health