“A Letter on Gaza: The World Cannot Stand by as Palestine is Battered to Death” Letter signed by 135 academics Advertisements

There is a pattern emerging. Not an unfamiliar pattern … Ground shelling is coming from the North … Gun boats off the coast … Drones are 24 hours a day … Big bombs coming in the night with specific targets like Police Stations, ministry buidings … So now it is the infrastructure … Now well […]

We are all really nervous about tonight. It is going to be very hard Sue. The gun-boats are already blasting us … (slightly later, at 15:18): Gun boats letting rip and it does not usually kick off this early …

It is just after 5-00 and we are all expecting the worst. The shelling has started … People in Scotland and the UK no doubt think I am mad for being here but it is important for academics and all sorts of professional people to stand with these incredible people amidst all this madness right […]

Just back from Shifa Hospital: Met Dr Medhat Abbas, mabbas@hoh.gov.ps It is very important that people become friends on Facebook of Dr Abbas. His facebook is updated sometimes by the hour. Israel is committing war crimes on a massive scale. The details need putting out and in broad circulation. It is also important that word […]

It is difficult to describe the reality of the last 24 hours. It just keeps coming … non stop. Our hotel which is a very secure structure and extremely safe lost most of its windows last night. We were all gathered in the foyer and the front doors – heavy glass and metal things – […]

Last night was the worst yet. Even areas that were not directly hit have windows blown out and bits of buildings made unsafe. This is a tiny strip of land. People on the move – not usual for Palestinians but there is nowhere for families to go. UN schools have been opened. Yet the people […]